How to Change Image Profile with Gravatar

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Today i want to tell you How to Change the Image Profile. You couldn't to change the image profile directly from the this website. You could use the Gravatar ( First, login into Gravatar or Register if you not have Gravatar Account.

Register to Gravatar

1. Go to or

If do that, You will find the homepage of Gravatar. For Register, click Create Your Own Gravatar.

2. Submit your account data

Submit your account data into the available form. NOTE: Enter the e-mail section with the same e-mail in your Construct 2 account!

Then click Sign Up.

3. Last, Confirm your Account.

Uploading Image in Gravatar

Previously, sign in into your Account. If you are new registers, it should appear the text "Add one by Clicking here" Click it.

Choose from where the image to upload. If you want to upload from your PC, select "My Computer's Hard drive" and choose the image file. And if you want to upload from available image in internet, select "An Image on the internet" then Insert the link.

Then manage the image. Drag and Drop dotted box to spesific location you want. If it was perfect, click "Crop and Finish!"

After that, you will asked to choose rate. Choose one, click it. Now, you can check the image by clicking "Check this gravatar".


Thanks for reading this tutorial. Sorry for my english :D, Hope this helps! Bye~!


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