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Board movement (rexrainbow )

Some of you have asked me about chess board and its movements. Now I don’t know much about this. So I have search and search and found this tutorial by Rex Rainbow. Furthermore you will need his plug in for chess board and grid behaviours. Once you have this then use this simple tutorial by Rex and not by me. Please all credit goes to Rex and not me. Thank you so much. Let’s start

First create new project and name it whatever you like. I have set size to:

Layout size 760 x 760

Margin 760 x 760

Window size 760 x 760

Set back ground colour you like.

Now add sprite say square box size 32 x 32 and name it Tiles and add another frame to this tile with different colour. Rest live it as it is no changes here.

Tile behaviour set to Solid

Now add another square sprite and name it Chess. Size 32 x 32

Chess behaviour setting gridMove behaviour for chess objects also see picture for setting

Add keyboard


Board (Rexrainbow plug-in)


gridMove behaviour for chess

Board settings see picture

SquareTx settings see picture

Open events sheet and let us add some code:

Add this sample code by Rex below and see the actions



Download now 175.76 KB

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