Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r41

Built-in dark theme, Xbox Live updates, bug fixes

27 June, 2017 ()

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In this build we've made the new Dark theme built-in, so there's no need to go to the forum and install it first. You can simply open Settings and change the theme! Note if you had previously installed the Dark theme, you should now uninstall it since we'll be updating the built-in version from now on. (There's still a few issues with the theme which we will be making tweaks over time to improve.)

We've also done a bit of work on the Xbox Live plugin, particularly to enable it to be used with the new Xbox Live Creators Program. We'll be providing more documentation on this shortly.

Finally as ever there's a batch of bug fixes. One notable extra tweak is we've adjusted autocomplete in expressions to work better if you edit a name half-way through.

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New Features

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The 'Dark' theme is now built-in and can be selected from Settings without having to install it first.

New Additions

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Xbox Live: 'Xbox Live Creators Program' property, which needs to be enabled for titles in the program
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Xbox Live: 'Sign in silently' action and associated triggers


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Parameters dialog: autocomplete is now better at completing half way through a name
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Improve scaling algorithm used in the Image Editor to mitigate blurring

Bug Fixes

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Possible error using Arrays in containers
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Touch: touch speeds could sometimes return small negative values
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Work around Geolocation not working in NW.js
1 favourites
Browser: 'On back button' did not work on Windows 10 with minified export
1 favourites
Inconsistent state of the Tilemap Bar after deleting a Tilemap object type
1 favourites
Differences between preview and editor tilemap rendering
1 favourites
Crash dragging and dropping in the Z Order Bar
1 favourites
Misplaced collision polygons and image points in the Animations Editor
1 favourites
Crash in the Image Editor when setting the smooth toggle
1 favourites
Crash when dragging and dropping frames in the Image Editor

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