Game Guides

From start to finish our game guides let you teach programming through making classic games.

  • Programming concepts flowcharts
  • Teaching guide for running the workshop
  • Slide pack for Unplugged activities
  • Slide pack for Construct 3 game making activities
  • Starlink assets
Estelle Ashman – Digital School House


This Digital Schoolhouse workshop uses both unplugged, and computer-based activities to teach programming and game building concepts, depending on the target age group (as mentioned in the included DSH teaching guide, younger users may be more comfortable with Scratch while the more advanced may want to skip the unplugged activities and try building the game in Unity.)

In this pack, we’ve included the Construct 3 specific resources, with which students can build their own C3 version of the game Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The game-building resource has been used successfully in classes from both KS3 and KS4.

Please note that while the concepts are suitable for teaching all ages, the game that the workshop is based on is rated PEGI 7, rated for ages seven and over.

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Estelle Ashman – Digital School House


This project was presented to teachers in the context of OCR’s iMedia course, to demonstrate how Construct 3 could be applied to various aspects of the OCR R092 Developing Digital Games unit.

By building the Bernie Crumbs video game using Construct 3, students learn a wide variety of the Design, Implementation and Progression skills demanded by the unit.

This folder includes the game at different stages of its production (Part-Baked games) so students can attempt to build it themselves and then compare it to see how they’ve managed.

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  • Step by step guide to build Bernie Crumbs
  • Bernie Crumbs game file in various stages of completeness – Part-Baked games
  • Presentation for teaching with C3
  • Bernie Crumbs assets