Construct 3 Starter Curriculum

Download our free starter curriculum for Construct 3 aimed at teaching students the basics of Computer Science

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Teaching Computer Science with Construct 3

2 Units: 13 Lesson Plans

We are delighted to offer this free starter curriculum aimed at teaching students the basics of Computer Science through the creation of video games using Construct 3. This course is intended for Middle School students, but could also well be taught to older students.

The following materials to teach an intro course are included:

  • Lesson Plans

    13 lessons divided into 2 units
  • Presentation Slides

    For class lectures/discussions
  • Student Worksheets

    to reinforce the programming concepts
  • CS/CSTA Standards

    Aligns with relevant CS/CSTA standards

All of these materials are available for use by you in any way you wish, either using them as is or modifying them to create your own customized course. Please note that we do not provide ongoing support for curricular materials, but any comments or suggestions you have will be welcome and may be addressed in future updates. Please direct any comments to

These curricular materials are aligned to the CSTA standards and are intended for use by teachers who are reasonably confident at teaching programming. Hopefully these will make it easy for you to get started teaching with C3. As with any program of study, you will want to ensure that this curriculum sufficiently aligns with the relevant CS and/or CTE standards in your own state (US only).

If you are less confident about teaching Computer Science and Technology, or perhaps this is your first time ever teaching coding or game design, you can access a fully-supported curriculum called ‘GameIt!’ from our partner STEMFuse ( GameIt! provides up to a full 2-year program of study, which qualifies for Perkins V funding.

We hope you will find our starter lesson plans useful and that you and your students will enjoy learning Computer Science with Construct 3!