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  • Construct 3
    $12.99 USD per month
  • Construct 3
    $39.99 USD per year
    Save 74% compared to monthly billing
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    • Free Edition
    • Education Edition
    • All Limits Removed

      Students wont run into any feature limits. Let them be as creative as possible and reach their full potential!

    • Simplified UI Mode

      Ease students into Construct by enabling the Simplified UI Mode - it reduces Construct 3 to its essentials.

    • Remote Preview

      Instantly run student's games on any phone or tablet in the classroom.

    • Publish Everywhere

      Students can publish & share their games on their phones, tablets, web and more!


      Teach business, marketing and dozens of other soft skills with Construct. Individually or in teams students can design, launch & publish their games.

    • Seat Management & Student Privacy
    • Generate Access Codes

      Student privacy is important. Create access codes to allow students to use all features without students needing an account or providing us with any personal information.

    • Easily Assign Seats

      Optionally assign seats to a specific Construct accounts allowing use off-site.

    • Add or Remove Seats

      You can add more seats, or remove unused seats in a few easy clicks.

    • Accessibility
    • Runs On Anything

      Use Construct 3 on Chromebooks, Windows, Macs, Linux and more!

    • No Installation Required

      Construct 3 runs in the browser - no installation required. Get your classes up and running fast.

    • Auto Updates

      Construct 3 auto updates, no need to laboriously install regular updates on dozens of computers!

    • Works Offline

      Even though Construct runs in the browser, it is designed to run offline as well. No delays to your lessons with flaky internet connections!

    • Support
    • Email Support

      If you run into problems with setting up your account or managing your seats, we're here to help.

    • Comprehensive Manual

      Our complete manual is kept up to date and is there to help you and your students.

    • Tutorials

      Browse our in-depth library of creative commons tutorials. Re-purpose them into lesson plans.

    • Work With Our Demos

      Add, modify, repurpose and learn from all our bundled games and extensive examples.

    • Create Multiplayer Games

      Receive access to all our multiplayer tools and services.

    • Performance Profiler

      Teach students how to benchmark and profile their games to optimise for performance.

    • Advanced Debug Features

      Learn about breakpoints and monitor variables in the debugger.

    • Monetisation

      Allow students to learn about monetising their games with in-app purchases and advertising.

    • Web Fonts

      Add beautiful and stylish fonts into your games.

    • 1
    • Unlimited
    • Custom Loading Screens

      Remove Construct branding from game loading bars.

    • Subfolders

      Better organise your games

    • Z Order Bar

      Easily adjust which objects appear in front or behind others

    • Bookmarks Bar

      Save bookmarks to navigate and make changes to your game faster

    • Search Events

      Speed up updating your game with our powerful event search.

    • Find All References

      Instantly see a list of everywhere something is used in your game.

    • Families

      Optimise your game building by avoiding repeating events

    • Array Editor

      Use a spreadsheet like editor to create data for the array object.

    • Dictionary Editor

      Use this editor to easily create data tables.

    • Text Editor

      Use our built in editor with syntax highlighting.

    • Bundled Addons

      Save third party addons with your project to open anywhere.

    • Onion Skinning

      Display next and previous animation frames translucently.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do you collect students personal information?

    If you you create access codes for Construct 3, students can use every feature without providing us with any personal information.

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    How many seats do I need?

    If you have a class of 30 students and 1 teacher looking to use Construct 3 simultaneously you should look to purchase 31 seats.

    If you explicitly assign a seat to a students account, this seat can no longer be used for generating an access code until you unassign it from this student.

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    Who can buy educational licenses?

    Any organisation where the end user of the seats are students or teachers may purchase educational licenses. Anyone can buy educational licenses on behalf of these organisations.

How quick is it to get a class setup with Construct 3?

Instruct students to visit and in seconds they'll be ready.

Construct 3 is smaller than's homepage - once loaded Construct 3 can be used with or without access to the internet.

* Last tested on 11th Nobember, 2018 from London. Measured total network transfer.

Introduce Construct to Your Classroom

Construct lets you and your students do more. Spend less time setting up, and more time learning.

  • Construct 3
    $12.99 USD per month
  • Construct 3
    $39.99 USD per year
    Save 74% compared to monthly billing
Accepted payment methods