A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    Activate achievement {0}

    Activate a Steam achievement.

    Activate overlay for {0}

    Activate the Steam game overlay.

  • Conditions

    Is available

    True if successfully initialised the Steam API.

    On achievement activate success

    Triggered after 'Activate achievement' if the activation completed successfully.

    On achievement activate error

    Triggered after 'Activate achievement' if the activation failed.

    Is overlay enabled

    True if the Steam game overlay is currently enabled.

    On overlay activated

    Triggered when the game overlay is shown.

    On overlay deactivated

    Triggered when the game overlay is hidden.

User info

  • Expressions


    The current user's Steam account ID.


    The current user's Steam static account ID.


    The current user's Steam static account ID as a string.


    The current user's Steam screen name.


    The current user's Steam level.


    The language set specifically for the game.


    The language set for the Steam UI.


0.33.3-r2 Stable (1.32 MB)


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  • Will support of Steam Leaderboards be added?

  • This is great!!! For this version of NWjs 0.26.6 (26th February 2018) --in-process-gpu seems to be required to be added in the "chromium-args" properties in package.json which is found in package.nw for the overlay to work properly.

    Also it seems black lines that appear from letterbox are pretty bad for the achievement popup. I would use scale inner or something else.

  • Any chance this will be updated to support Steam Cloud?

  • Thanks you!

  • Thanks Scirra!

  • Thank you, Scirra! This plugin will be really useful. :)

  • Guys, Steamworks SDK: 1.42 is really old. Anyone have the download?

  • is it a deprecated plugin ?

  • Well, I tried, following all the documentation, doing everything as specified, and I can say it doesn't work.


    - Overlay doesn't show up when doing shift+tab

    - But, game is losing focus when doing so..?

    - Included all needed files, and it's the exact same problem with or without them. (tried for both 64 et 32 bit windows)

    I guess you should be looking at it

  • Does Greenworks support Steam Cloud yet?

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