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This is a C3 runtime port of the original C2/C3 Scorm plug-in which originally worked only with the C2 runtime.

Note: does not work with worker mode. Disable worker mode in project settings.

Thanks to for the commission to port this plug-in. Check out their educational tech work!

C3 Preview Mode

There is limited C3 Preview mode support (the previous plug-in would not work in C3 preview mode.) In C3 preview mode, the plug-in will not connect to an LMS (since an LMS does not exist in preview mode), but it will instead print out the SCORM API calls to the browser dev console, so you can do some quick testing and make sure the proper SCORM calls are being made. There is also a new "Is preview mode" condition added, in case you need to detect if the project is in preview mode (for example if you are requesting LMS data in preview mode, it will also return as "", you can use the condition to handle this gracefully in preview mode.)

I tested this using SCORM cloud and I found I had to some changes to the final HTML zip file to make it work:


- Set Project Setting->Advanced->Use worker->No

- Export HTML project

- Unzip HTML project and enter the directory

- Optional changes (removes error messages in dev console on a project running in cloud scorm):

- Edit index.html remove these lines:

<link rel="manifest" href="appmanifest.json">

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="128x128" href="icons/icon-128.png">

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="256x256" href="icons/icon-256.png">

- Remove files: appmanifest.json and offline.json from the directory

- Zip html again and upload (make sure there is no top level file hierarchy in the zip file)

### Regardless of the optional changes above, I had to unzip and zip with Mac zip for cloud scorm, perhaps issue with Zip file versions?

I am using to test

- Advanced minify works for the test case.

For basic Scorm / Construct documentation see these links from the original addon:

The donation link for the author of the original C3 Scorm addon is here: