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Release Notes

FSM Behavior 1.0 Realese

-include basic set of ACES to manage state of instances


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

  • Actions

    {my} go to state {0}

    Assign next state.

    {my} set activated to {0}

    Enable the object's fsm behavior.

  • Conditions

    On {my} enter to {0}

    Triggered when enter state.

    On {my} exit from {0}

    Triggered when exit state.

    On {my} state changed

    Triggered when state changed. Useful when debugging.

    {my} Current state = {0}

    Compare current state.

    Previous state = {0}

    Compare previous state.

  • Expressions


    Get current state.


    Get previous state.