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Release Notes

Breaking Changes - Only use with r116 or higher.

The plugin used local storage to provide caching facilities, but that doesn't work in a worker thread. So caching has been re-worked to indexDB and therefore can't read the only data in local storage.

Also fixed bugs with the caching system.

Migrated over to using the new asset manager.

The plugin will now work with the c3 runtime in a separate worker.


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

JSON Looping

  • Conditions

    Loop over {0} with query {1}. {2} nested in another json loop

    Json array loop: Over a slot using a query.

  • Expressions


    Json loop index: current loop index of a Json loop.


  • Actions

    Load Json: Cache Enable is {0}

    Load Json: All files into correct slots

    Load Json From String: Cache Enable is {2} from {1} into slot {0}

    Load Json From String: Load Json string into a slot

    Reset Json slot: {0} back to it's original value.

    Reset Json slot back to it's original value when it was first loaded.

    Clear Slot: {0}

    Clear Json slot.

    Create new slot: Query {1} and copy from {0} to {2}. {3} in json loop

    Create new slot by duplicating a Json sub object into a new slot.

    Set Json Value: Set {3} into {0} and {2}, using {1}. {4} in json loop

    Set Json Value: Set a value to a specific field in the Json object.

  • Conditions

    On Json loaded

    Triggered when: All Json files have been loaded.

  • Expressions


    Get json value: Using standard Json notation.


    Get length: Array within a Json object.

JSON Conversion

  • Expressions


    C3 array: Get formatted json string in array form.


    C3 dictionary: Get formatted json string in dictionary form.



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  • License MIT License
  • Copyright Robert Greenberg. All rights reserved.