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Wildstyle World

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liquidmetal Published on 10 Sep, 2015

Wildstyle World is a stealth platformer in which you play graffiti artist Bold. It features beautiful handdrawn pixel art, 9 carefully designed levels and 12 extraordinaire graffiti pieces.

Avoid guards, their dogs and search lights. Paint all canvases in the level to win. Finish levels faster to unlock new pieces and the secret ninth bonus level.


A/D or left/right arrow to walk

right mouse button, X or up arrow to jump

S or down arrow to crouch

while crouching press S or down arrow to fall off cars, scaffoldings or ledges

stand before the blue marked canvases and press space

now you can choose between the graffiti pieces by pressing A/D, left/right arrow, Q/E or Z/C

press space again to choose the piece or press right mouse button or X to abort

stand before the piece and hold space to paint until the piece is finished

You can also choose between pieces while waiting or walking by pressing Q/E or Z/C.

This is useful since it saves time.

The game saves automatically every time you enter the map.

Check out the tutorial level for further instructions.


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  • I's a really good game with a new original idea. The paintings seem presentable and authentic.

    It's fun under threat produce the images and prepare the Graffiti's. Thank's for your brilliant work!

    (Sorry for my English...)

  • I like it, but I think I would've liked it even more if there was another theme to it (like spy/agent/ninja). Would be cool if you could add a slide effect when he runs and you press down.

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