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Vibational Motion

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chriswozny Published on 3 Nov, 2019

This simulation is meant to be a teaching tool to help students understand the relationships between position, velocity and acceleration as a function of time, and to see the effect of mass, spring constant, and initial amplitude on vibrational frequency and period.


Pull back on the purple block. Choose 'Show Position' to see a plot of position as a function of time. Choose 'Show Velocity' to see both position and velocity plotted on the same graph. Choose 'Show acceleration' to see all three plots.

Change the amplitude, either as a compression or extension, and see how the graphs change. Choose, 'Change spring' to see the vibrations of a mass on a stiffer spring.

Used Plugins

  • Button
  • Sprite
  • Text

Used Behaviours

  • DragnDrop
  • Physics

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