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Tanks & Horses

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Mig64 Published on 1 Oct, 2017

Pilot a horse-shooting tank in the middle of the desert and bombard the suicide trucks and JayJay Jets that are trying to kill you.

WARNING: Trying to make sense out of this is considered unhealthy. Read the Game Instructions for more sane and concrete information.



WSAD Movement

Up arrowDown arrowLeft arrowRight arrow Movement (alt.)

Space bar Mini-turbo

Backspace Return


Left-Click Shooting

Mouse Wheel Pause (upwards), Unpause (downwards)


JayJay: Fast ships that rain death from above, the tank usually deflects most of the bullets but JayJays are numerous as well as persistent. Be careful when turning the tank's "head" near them.

Bombtruck: Suicidal truck drivers looking for the sweet release of death, be it by being shot by you or exploding their vehicles against yours.


Click on the blue Construct icon on the title screen to submit your hi-score; Destroyed buildings may contain Horse Emblems, allowing you to spam absurd waves of equines for a few seconds just by holding the Shooting button.


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