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Joeriri Published on 28 Apr, 2015

This is a simple game for two players. The goal is to chase and tag each other. When the timer runs out, the last one tagged loses! Make an advantage of the orange jelly that gives extra speed and pink jelly that you can jump through!

Thanks for playing!


W A S D, Up Arrow Right Arrow Down Arrow Left Arrow: Move left or right / Jump / Fall through pink jelly

Esc: Back to menu


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  • I'm currently working on Tag 2! Expect moving platforms, portals and three player support! (And of course better graphics)

  • Really nice concept! And lovely execution! Great job!

  • aquiñiniñaña

  • [quote=ziadhorat]

    I have a question,seing as i actually got the idea of tag from here id like to ask if i may create another tag game but split screen.My reason for asking is because the game mechanics and a few other things may be the same.

    Edit:Entire frame work is done,will upload a POC soon


    I'm fine with that. There isn't any copyright in my Tag game, so I can't really say no. Maybe a bit of credit would be nice :) I'll definitely play it when you're done!

  • Hi I'm from content team at Mozilla. Can you email me at schibauui@mozilla.com I'd like to talk to you about distribution.

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