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Survival by Minimalzm

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Gorilka Co. Published on 1 Mar, 2020

Hello guys, this is not my first project at all, is 4th in Construct 2, now I making visual novel "LifePain" this project can be also uploaded but I think is too fun and have very dark local jokes at all :D. Okey, actually I'm made this game for my self, when I was 15 and while this time I developed this project little because have now so much time.

This is stable 0.5.1 version with gamepad and arrows for mobile devices and in PC you can use W,A,S,D and obviously arrows too :D. Game scenario is Adventure Quest, where main hero must find exit from location until he died because some cannibal red squares want to eat him and there are not so much foods in levels. Game have time system - divided on hour:min clock (if you find one watch you can see time) and day name (Fri, Sat, Sun), game have fake weather analog and this still developing (you will see icons of weather : sun, sun & fog, moon & rain etc. - it doesn't means anything). Game have 5 slots interactive inventory with some types of eatable items + bandage. At now game have just 2 levels with personal scenario and one quest NPC (hobo in 2nd level). All actions, dialogs, menus have english and ukrainian translate by author (I also watch in dictionary (no Google) for words :D). ALL GAME EVENTS have sounds, like a walking, swiming, throwing item from inventory (I used some sounds from free library) and custom music plays in menu and levels (music is differnt for any layout).

For my opinion this game is raw and I make ~6.5-7/10 because many items, levels and persons will be added in future, but if you think this game better or worser please contact me.

FQ Main Menu : To take all 3 stars at any level, you must find some secrets at location (just explore) + you must make interessting things in there. Okey, this now is your problem I'm going out :D.

Trofy will be showed if you complete at least one level. (1st or 2nd there are no matter)

FQ lvl 1: Click on key to take it, it's normal key - don't have a place in inventory.

Don't click on watch - just walk in this and thing automaticly takes.

To open the gates - Just walk in (if second part of gate not open - walk at little distance and walk in this part again)


FQ lvl 2: You can't collect bottles and papers at level begin, you should take a quest in NPC.

If you can find any glass or papers SEE MORE ATENTTIVE :D.


P.S. : (I also compiled this game on Android 5+ with full tap control) (Sorry for my English, I speak better Russian and Ukrainian) (I have a quetion - where is Ukrainian in settings?)


{In game settings you can again read instruction controls}

Taps, clicks - uses buttons (obviously in any game :D)

W,A,S,D; arrows; gamepad - to move your character

Click on item - take in inventory

Drag & Drop item from slot; Hold item in slot - throw item from inventory

Double Tap on item - use item from inventory

press ESC or tap ESC button - opens NOT main menu, just game menu


Used Plugins

  • Arr
  • Audio
  • Function
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sprite
  • Spritefont2
  • Text
  • TiledBg
  • Touch

Used Behaviours

  • Bullet
  • destroy
  • DragnDrop
  • EightDir
  • Fade
  • scrollto
  • solid

  • Order by
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