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Work in Progress

Super Mario World but it's made in Construct 2

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LogoGuy2017 Published on 21 Oct, 2017

This is a demo of a SMW engine. A test level is only selectable.

Don't fall into bottomless pits.

(Don't play if you are easily bored by this demo)


Shift - Look Up

Down - Crouch

Space - Spin Jump

Arrow Keys - Move

Up Arrow - Regular Jump

0 - Fast Speed

Pause Break - Pause (hold the button for actual pause, release the button to unpause)

Enter - Close Dialog Box


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  • Good Game...

  • boo!!! boring!!

  • the block collision is kinda weird, this can be fixed by placing mario origin point in his head.

    oh also make the animations a little faster

  • 1. Please make it possible to turn off the sound or adjust the volume. 2. More conditions for the broken box, the hero below the box and the animation box alone. 3. Speed ​​0 key slower please. 4. Second keys on WASD for right handed people. 5. The character runs into the wall, you need an animation bywall. 6. The collision mask of the hero in the run is not accurate.

  • [quote=mettaton NEO]

    boo!!! boring!!


    Sorry, But it is a demo. If you don't like it, then don't play it.

    I will update it soon.

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