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Work in Progress

Super Mario Nesu

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Yosef Hidayat Published on 9 Jan, 2016

safely enjoy this game and get ready to get angry because of this game, I hope you like it


left arrow = reversed

up arrow = jump

right arrow = advanced

down arrow = squat


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  • I see bugs.

    How often?

    All the time.

    Friend of a thought about everything that is presented in this prototype, it has several classic mistakes platform games such as holes where it should not have, after Mario died he freezes, etc.

    Best wishes and good development.

  • Bugs, bugs ,bugs!

  • the respawn is messed up, I succed to spawn 2 marios, that almost cant jump.

    Try out some more orginal content than supermario, jumping bird and so on.

  • ruim

    jogo trol

  • respawn is a little messed, u respawn fast but have to wait like 10 secs b4 moving

    cool game though

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