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Super Mario Bros MMXXI (2021 Fangame)

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G-Rex Studio Published on 28 Nov, 2021


Fangame by G-Rex Studio

WARNING: I did not create Super Mario, it belongs to Nintendo which all main characters, musics and even sound effects are property of Nintendo. Remember, this is just a fangame.


Super Mario Bros. MMXXI is a fan made mario clone game created by G-Rex Studio. The main storyline of the game is same as original Super Mario Bros. Expect, here in this game the levels are different and not same from Super Mario Bros. There are also Special Worlds! The special worlds takes players more effort to complete the levels and get the true ending, which the more levels there are, the more fun!

(You can only unlock Special Worlds by not using warp zones. The game was meant to be played fully, and if you use warp zones then, it's up to you.)

(Also, If you accidentally notice an error regarding the game, level, object... make sure you report to me. Report here in the comments if you find any kind of bug glitch in the game and I will update it.)


Arrows - Move players

Z: Jump and Swim

X: Run and Fire

Enter: Pause the game

+ - : Volume

F11 - Enable/Disable Fullscreen


Used Plugins

  • Audio
  • Browser
  • Function
  • gamepad
  • Keyboard
  • LocalStorage
  • Mouse
  • NinePatch
  • Sprite
  • Spritefont2
  • TiledBg
  • Tilemap

Used Behaviours

  • Bullet
  • custom
  • EightDir
  • Fade
  • Flash
  • jumpthru
  • LOS
  • Physics
  • Platform
  • Rex_MoveTo
  • Rex_SpriteExt
  • Rotate
  • scrollto
  • Sin
  • solid

  • Order by
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  • This is really cool I have not ever seen anything on here that uses Mario actually feel like Mario. I would say you might want to make the camera lerp to the player instead of just following them directly because at some speeds it can feel jittery. Other than that this is amazing and feels great to play.

  • It was great and a good way to get to know the platform is to recreate classic games. because of the challenge of mechanics. perfect


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