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On Summer Nights

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Update: You might be interested in my newer game, "Blue Sky:"


While "On Summer Nights" is 2.5-D, "Blue Sky" is actually 3-D.

Update: The capx download link is broken, so click here to download.

This demo is a small sandbox for 2 players where you can run in 8 directions, jump, fall behind platforms, and attack other characters.

Player 1: ASDW, G to attack, H to jump.

Player 2: Arrow keys, comma to attack, period to jump.

CAPX is included. Please give me any feedback you can or feel free to ask questions about how the game works.

P.S. My French translations are from Google Translate, so I would appreciate any help writing it better.


Player 1: ASDW, G to attack, H to jump.

Player 2: Arrow keys, comma to attack, period to jump.


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  • You are awesooooooome!!!!!! Thankyou so much.

  • Thanks Tavo81! I'm getting relatively close to putting out my next game along these lines, so it's great to hear people on the arcade are still interested in this sort of stuff.

  • Anibal Mamal -

    Thanks! It's great to see some interest in the mechanics. I updated the game description with a link to the capx on Google Drive. Let me know how your game turns out.

  • Man! This is awesome!

    Your coding with 2.5D and 3D are great!

    I have been trying to do something similar to Golden Axe 8-direction movement with jumping and standing on top of obstacles for quite a while now and then I found your games but just looking at them I just can't figure out how they were made XDDD especially the jump movement and how the engine recognize the shadow position accurately.

    I've been trying to download the capx files but Scirra Arcade keeps returning me 404 error :(

    I would be glad if you could help me, would you please send me a link with the capx file?

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