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Square Run

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zinupoka Published on 15 Jul, 2018

If you press 1 you will have a nice surprise. Please give us feedback!


Pressing up allows you to go up

Pressing down allows you to go down

Pressing right allows you to go right

Pressing left allows you to go left

This game is 8-direction.


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  • No problem! Did it work?

    (Sorry they're not the best SFX lol)

    In case you wanted to know I made another game!

    Have you made any more yet?

  • Hi! That's fine! I think I fixed it! Here is the link again: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-8-KchoacYDh99y5nEErxl0qN4fkxKJl

    (Also, in case you didn't know I made another game!)

  • I can't quote on one of my games either!

    Will chrome not let you download them?

    Sorry I took so long; I was assuming I would get a notification.

  • So far I made a death sound. drive.google.com/open

    Let me know what you think!

    Also, it would be nice if you credited me in the description or something like that. And if you use any music from Kevin Mcloud you need to credit him. (He may get mad if u don't! lol idk tho)

    I'm working on a victory noise!

    Oh yeah and you kinda need to quote me while replying if you want me to get a notification.

    Okay so the SFX won't be as good as I wanted them to be because I couldn't use my keyboard.

    Butt I made a victory noise tho. (it's not the best tho)

  • [quote=zinupoka]



    Thank you, and I will definitely try to add sounds and animations :)


    When will you add SFX?


    The square run games will most likely not have any amazing effects, but the games will have some minor effects :)


    I think I may be able to make you a few simple SFX if you want. I'm not the best; but I have a decent mic.

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