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BluWyvern Published on 11 Dec, 2019

Invasive Hogs are targeting your precious flower! Armed with only a small pistol, you must defend both yourself and your flower. Don't worry, you'll never run out of ammo, but you will have to reload. Reloading takes some time to do, and you'll be very vulnerable. Earn points with every hog successfully killed. Victory is earned at 800 points! Be warned, those hogs have sharp tusks! Stay away from those berry bushes too! They won't hurt you, but they'll definitely slow you down. You can regain your health, but at the cost of valuable points. You can even gain a temporary overheal as well!! Unfortunately, you flower won't be able to heal like you, so any damage it takes is permanent.


WASD to move.

Left click to shoot.

R to reload.

E to heal. (costs points)

Used Plugins

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • progressbar
  • Sprite
  • Text
  • TiledBg

Used Behaviours

  • bound
  • Bullet
  • destroy
  • EightDir
  • scrollto

  • Order by
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  • i like it but just would rather to have the core health a bit bigger and some how you could make it online but other wise its fun to play

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