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Running Late

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soccerace007 Published on 27 Apr, 2016

You're running late for work and need to catch the bus! Collect coins when they're 'heads up' to accumulate enough money to board the bus. Some coins give you time equivalent to their worth.

Created by ETSU students. Feel free to leave us feedback to help make this game better.


Right arrow Run Right

Left arrow Run Left

Up arrow Jump

Run back and forth to collect coins before time runs out.

Collect more time to get bonus points.

120 seconds or more - bonus points

180 seconds or more - bonus points x2

240 seconds or more - bonus points x4

Coins MUST be heads up to be collected.


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  • Great game!

  • great game! for a while there, i was sweating pretty hard being stuck around 15 seconds... lol. but very fun game! now i'm going to have to come for the #1 spot in the scores!

    i would like to recommend a second level now that I've played it a bit.

  • Hey, thanks guys! I wish that the people that gave us a 1 star would post here to let us know what we can do to improve! Even if it's just because the gamers raged too hard or the game is too hard, we'd like to know as aspiring game creators!

    As a matter of fact, We're considering putting in a "levels of difficulty" part to make it easier and harder, depending on your preference. But I would like some feedback first before we invest the time into it.

    Also, I finally added more leader-boards to the mix. Maybe to help anyone feed their competitive side. Try to be on top of every leader-board!

  • this is so addicting why does it not have better rating

  • nice game, pretty addictive and lol so many leaderboards xD, nice, i think you should scale up this game, i mean invest on design to be more nice to eyes, and instructions are hard to get the first time.

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