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Nxs Published on 25 Jun, 2016

Just a simple arcade styled, endurance game about swinging around and collecting coins. All you have to do is collect coins while dodging white boxes hurling towards you!

oh yeah. and your only form of movement is to grapple onto the walls and swing on them.

This game also has a leaderboard, so if you think you got what it takes to be on top, then feel free to submit you high score in-game.


this game is as basic as you can get!


- click in the direction you want to grapple in

- hold down the button to go towards you grapple point.


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  • I definitely think you've got a good thing going here! Not sure if you intend on expanding more and more on it, I hope you do because a level system along with character upgrades and such would give this game quite a bit of replay ability.

    The grapple is sometimes wonky (especially for getting into corners). Also if you made the arena a decent amount bigger (and possibly making the sprites smaller), along with adding an arrow, or something creative, to indicate where the enemies will be pathing before they get on the screen. The randomness from not knowing where enemies (Continued)

  • [quote=SkrillSkrill]

    this is not the quote, it was too long XD


    I really appreciate the feedback! I haven't really made plans to expand my game but you have some very good points and im nowhere near maxing out my 100 lines so there's a good chance that I will update it!

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    i like it dude, dont get me wrong, but the mechanics are quite confusing and the music is too loudy xD


    haha yeah i completely agree looking back at it. i did have about half a game made with this same concept but a lot more refined however i lost all of the files when me computer died. moral of the story there will not be another rope game and now my files are stored in my dropbox XD

  • i like it dude, dont get me wrong, but the mechanics are quite confusing and the music is too loudy xD

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