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PrinceofMars Published on 26 May, 2016




press space-bar or tap the action button to get out of cover and shoot when you out of cover, red bullets grenades and rockets can hurt you so be careful


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  • Excellent game one of the best I played in the arcade!!

  • Wow, very nice game. Congrats!

    Here's some feedback from what I've played:

    - on the death screen make the buttons on the top layer - they are a bit hard to see.

    - i'm unsure when bullets hit me and when they don't (aka when i should dodge) that should be clearer visually

    - i sometimes lose track of the mouse, maybe it should be more obvious somehow

    - there is some fps drops at times, it would be much more enjoyable if it ran smoother

    Overall I think you nailed the action/intensity feeling and it's fun to play so you have a good game!

  • Thanks for your in-depth feedback StefanSava I will fix the death screen buttons and experiment with different cursors, see if I can't make it a little easier to follow as for making the red bullets more obvious I have been hearing that alot I am sure can add an extra muzzle flash maybe make the bullets slower.

  • Nice work! Remembers me to Time Crisis, one of my favourite games for PS!

  • fantastic game

    Beautiful art, great sounds. Congratulations

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