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Pathfinding AI

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paradine Published on 22 Feb, 2018

It's not a game, it's the demo-version of my template "Pathfinding AI" that you can purchase here


Use touch or mouse to let the units find path to the position of your mouse or finger.


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  • weltenschmid

    Thanks for testing!

    1. Pathfinding takes some time, I have no idea how to reduce it without making less accurate cell size.

    2. You can make these tornado-guys invisible and create visible guys that will rotate towards angle of invisible guys.

    Thank you and good luck :-)

  • Was in for a test. The approach and the aim of this is good but it lacks reliability: The units get stuck too often clinging to a wall obstructing the direct path to the clicked point. Clicking in narrow spaces result in jams or units turning around themselves in high speed, pushing other units or worse; two units will try to cross paths (or better said they try to run over each other).

    At the beginning of my testing it happened that two or three units did not even try to find a path to the shape in the lower center. But I was not able to reproduce this problem.

    Hope this helps improving the project. Was about to buy it but I fear having this built in a RTS would produce odd results and tinkering with it will use up more time than it should save.

    Question remains: Is there a possibility to reduce the wait time before another unit starts moving when too few paths are available? Can the tornado driven (wildly rotating) units be normalized?

    Cheers and happy coding! =)

  • [quote=jojonwaff]

    What kind of game is this?


    I think you have missed the description. It's not a game, it's the demo-version of my template "Pathfinding AI" that you can purchase in Scirra store.

  • What kind of game is this?

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Units do not overlap each other and use different ways if there are several free ways.

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