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New Year's card for you

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orlic Published on 13 Jan, 2017

Unfortunately Scirra won't allow Facebook dialogs. Visit the full version on Facebook!

Nice digital New Year's postcard with an old fashion letter in it. Write something nice to congratulate New Year holidays to your Facebook friends.

This postcard can be send in the Facebook message.

Just follow the instructions in the game and you will easily send the link of this postcard (with your text in the letter) in a form of a Facebook message that your friends can click on.

Thank you for checking out this mini game, I hope that you like it and I appreciate very much if you send it to some of your friends!



This game is a mini puzzle game. Try to find and click on object that attracted the most attention.


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  • Wow!! amazing New Year cards. I love this, and wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019.


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