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Nervous Pong

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Dincker Published on 2 Jul, 2017

Be the first to goal 11 points - for 2 players

You can play with a keyboard or Xbox360 gamepad.

Credits :

Creator - Romain Pierson

Music (1) - Midnight Stories by Vincent Lanty

Music (2) - Focus by Chipzel


Keyboard :

(Player 1)

- W or Z and S = Move

- Q or A = Left rotation

- D = Right rotation

- Space = Change rotation

- Enter = Start/Pause

(Player 2)

- Up and Down arrow = Move

- Left arrow = Left rotation

- Right arrow = Right rotation

- Shift/Maj = Change rotation

- Enter = Start/Pause

Xbox 360 Gamepad :

- Left joystick = Move

- A or B or X or Y = Change rotation

- LT or LB = Left rotation

- RT or RB = Right rotation

- Start = Start/Pause


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  • Hi ColombageEnPLS ! Thank you for your nice comment :)

    And yes you are the first scirra member to play to it !

    I don't know yet if I will improve my game soon but I already have some ideas.

    Also, let me know when you release your version of Pong, it interested me.

  • A good pong! I like it!

    The controls are well thought (I have an AZERTY keyboard and I sometimes get mad just because of WASD controls) and the graphics are simple but pleasants. I guess I'm the first Scirra member to play to it?

    Rotating bats... Fun idea! I am myself trying to make a Pong game, but a very ambitious one. Do you intend to improve that game?

  • [quote=Dincker]

    Nice :) I will play.


    Thanks! I still have one level to create, the training mode and the "achievments" to do, and... Debug.

  • Nice :) I will play.

  • Alright! That's cool! I still have a lot of work but the mains functions are done, and the most difficult to do is done, so... It'll be ready soon!

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