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10 Minutes to (Tower) Defend

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Gadriel Published on 12 Jul, 2015

The goal is easy : just stay alive for 10 minutes using your towers to defend yourself.

If you think this was easy, try to make it without loosing any life, or by spending less money, ...

First Game by myself so PLEASE let me know if you want any improvment. Feel free to ask for more stuff ingame.


Gadriel / Aflibebou

French (so please forgive my English)


Rules :

- Build Tower on sand

- Build Turret on Tower

- Kill ennemies to earn money

- Protect your HeadQuarter (20 lifes)

- Click on the HQ to Pause

Hint : Don't close the path if you don't want to get bombed


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  • My first game ... Most likely a crappy one but if you have good ideas to improve, I will implemented them if possible.

    If you know how to use the new Scirra Aracade HiScore Board, I am interested ;)


    If you know how to use the new Scirra Aracade HiScore Board, I am interested ;)


    Nevermind, I found the solution. For those who are searching, just install the Beta r207 or later

  • Will you share the source please i would like to expand on it :-) Great game! It vaguely reminds me of Desktop Tower Defense. It would be awesome if we can make a remake in the spirit of DTD but with your game as a basis.

  • Nice game man

  • Nice game. There are some things I would like to see improved. You can build while paused. The enemies behave kind of weird sometimes and bump into walls. Upgrading damage would be good. When you can't upgrade range, rate, or rotate speed anymore, the text with cost should go away. Better visuals and sound effects are what you want for your next games. Overall, I like it, 3/5.

  • Pretty good game

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