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pinoypixel Published on 20 Oct, 2016

Minero is an experimental game that implements online ajax polling, auto-map generation, rough player prediction and sync, auto-quest generation and basic tile modification.

Basically its a digging game, with a bit of undead killing and inquest tome searching.


For desktop user. You you can use the following:

Mouse Single Click to destroy tile

Mouse Double Click to create tile

Left Arrow Right Arrow keys for navigation

For mobile user. You can use the in game controls provided.

Tap target tile to destroy

Tap a open area to create a tile


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  • [quote=BoomyTrevor101]

    Cant move or do anything?


    Thanks for playing. Its either a cross-site scripting error or the server URL is blocked from your location. I'll I've checked the logs some are blocked by their proxy and some are using some weird browsers too restrictive for cross-site access.

  • I didn't knew it was possible to make presidual generation in C2 !

  • Cant move or do anything?

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