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Under Lunar Grounds

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abhishan Published on 11 Sep, 2015

--- Supports Keyboard & Touch ---

Mankind has moved to some Moon & built underground colonies. You are an independent contractor running cargo supply operations using your LunarCarrier (Ship). Every LunarCarrier is equipped with a LunarBuggy to load cargo & explore underground caverns. Find hidden secrets, mine gems, rescue astronauts, buy upgrades & more...

Can you find the Secret Scirra Moon Base Level?

Level 1: A Good Day to Fly

Carry 2 shipments of latest game discs from Moonodore64 warehouse to the Moon-Mart store

Level 2: Have a Blast

Carry 2 shipments of ammunition from Base 10 to Outpost 51

Level 3: Linking the Supply Chain

Carry 6 shipments in between different Moon-Mart stores

Level 4: RaRa's Casino

Transport 2 arcade cabinets from Moonodore64 to RaRa's. Carry 2 cash boxes from RaRa's to Moondust bank

Level 5: Rescue Ranger

Something went wrong. There was an explosion at Outpost 51 and LASA scientists are stranded. Rescue them!


--------------------------------------------- FOR PC ONLY ---------------------------------------------

-------------- Ship --------------

UP - Thrust | LEFT, RIGHT - Rotate/ Turn | SPACE - Fire Missile

-------------- Buggy --------------

UP - Jump | LEFT, RIGHT - Move Left, Right | SPACE - Drill

Ship lands safely on platforms only. Tap/Click on Ship to deploy Buggy when landed on a platform and is stable. Buggy can pick up cargo and take it back to Ship. Tap/Click on Buggy when overlapping Ship to send it back into Ship.


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  • finished game found out what the cheat code was very sneaky i would not have found it if i did not accidental click it

    but did not get level 6????????

    very good game by the way

    • Hey, thank you so much for playing the game!

      Level 6 is a secret level :). Will make a short video on how to get to it and will link it here.

  • how do I start The game?

  • How do we enter the cheat code?

  • Can you send to me this project to open in Construct3

  • Few screenshots of the game here: facebook.com/media/set

    *** GOD MODE ***

    If you find the game too difficult to play or just want to explore without bothering about fuel and getting destroyed, enable the "God Mode" under Settings.

    *** CHEAT CODE ***

    The Settings screen has an option to enter a cheat code to unlock the game.

    Hint: The unlock code is hidden in plain sight within the game! ;)

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