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Lumino (beta)

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danul777 Published on 7 Jan, 2017

platforum game that I made from plastecine. have fun :)

how to play:

arrows : left & right

z: jump


arrows : left & right

z: jump


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  • Hey , great game!

    Love the whole clay feel to it , something new!

    You have something good here , and could easily become a very successful games with a few more levels!

    One thing i noted on the one part of the level where your on a cloud early on for a while dodging the bats , if you dont run quickly at the start of the level the cloud dissapears and you are stuck on the island for a long time. Maybe divide it up into multiple clouds?

    Otherwise great game ,boss fight is great too!

  • Five stars for sure. Highly respect the graphics style. ( I really loved The Neverhood )

    The mechanics are rather simple, but the visual style drives the simple gameplay further than it would otherwise last. I finished the game. ( the boss fight at least)

  • Excellent game your on the right track!!

  • I can tell a lot of love,effort, and patience was put into the creation of this game. I love the unique style and simple gameplay controls. I love it! Something for me to take notes on in the creation of my game I'm working on. Thanks for the experience! :D

  • claymation-like is always a good sight to see.

    There are a few things you are missing such as a pause functionality, and when you switch tabs suspended state it should go to being paused. This way people can quickly put it down and pick it right back up with no progress lost. But the lack of a lives system is a good thing and makes up for this.

    But a lack of features is what is separating this from being a great game rather than just a good game. I'm not saying your work is bad or anything I am saying it could be improved on and commercially sold if you wanted it to be.I'd like to see sucess

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