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Little Green Soldier

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Nixel Published on 3 Jan, 2017

You are Green, an innocent alien crash-landing on Earth in the future...surrounded by hostile human forces! Can you make it out alive with your unique energy-absorption ability?

This is my first proper project with Construct 2 and general game development, and actually started way back in December 2012 in my high school freshman year. I'm still trying to work on it, so I appreciate any and all feedback! Also -- don't forget to rate the game up there!

I take credit for all sprites and game design, but I credit the following for the music:

"Epic Song", "Assignment", "Frantic", "Battle Normal", "B-3" by BoxCat Games is licensed under CC BY 3.0


Left & Right arrows - Moving left & right

Up/Spacebar - Jump (hold to jump higher)

Down - Crouch (+ Spacebar to drop down platforms)

X (hold) - Absorb enemy projectiles

C - Shoot (only after absorbing)

P/Enter - Pause & unpause

M/Backspace - Mute & unmute


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  • Totally awesome, I love it!

  • [quote=Virez]

    Totally awesome, I love it!



    Nice job!! great sound fx!


    Thanks people, glad you enjoyed it! Massive thanks to the other players reading this too!


    Been following this game for a long time! Glad it's on the Arcade now for all to enjoy!


    Oh dude, I definitely remember you! Thanks for following this project over the years, really really appreciate it.

  • Nice job!! great sound fx!

  • Found an oversight where if you do a second playthrough, the cutscenes and dialogue get skipped -- forgot to reset the event counter, can't believe I missed that. Sorry everyone! I've already fixed this in my own computer, gonna upload it in v1.1 soon along with better clues for the boss fight.

    In the meantime, Dayzr erickson400 MisterAqua DylanHuber (I don't know if notation works in the Arcade) thank you all!! Happy to see people enjoy playing stuff. Join me in hunting for other games on the Arcade too, I've already found tons of hidden gems and they're awesome!

  • KoolEcky Shoot back into the mouth! I've been fudging over whether to add more visual cues for the boss fight -- now I think there's every reason to. Thanks for asking! It's useful info for me.

    And fans? Hoo boy, I wasn't expecting this! You know, after 4 years I still love this game, but there's a few roadblocks:

    - This was built on sloppy scripting

    - I'm entering a really hard semester of comp sci

    - I want to focus on learning 3D animation

    What I'll definitely do for now is add a score board (great idea!) and make the boss fight more intuitive. Thanks a ton! It means a lot to me.

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