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Work in Progress

Lambent Fighter

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Jerementor Published on 3 Nov, 2015

Work in progress

Simple fighting game for my upcoming Construct 2 Course where we program 10 Games! In this game attack your enemy and perform sweet combos!

Let me know what I should add or take out in the comments! Most of the attack effects are for demonstration so if it doesn't work please tell me! Or if you have a suggestion for an effect, comment below!



Left Arrow To move left

Right Arrow To move right

M To Mute

N To Unmute

P To Pause

O To Unpause

X For basic attack

C Rapidly tap at the end of each attack to trigger the two combos!

A Activate Gamepad

Left Analog To move left and right

Left Trigger To run

Right Trigger For basic attack

B Tap at the end of each attack to trigger the two combos!

Have fun! Enjoy! Let me know what I should add or take out in the comments!


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  • Awesome job! Can't wait to see it in the future. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey thanks brentcee23 that means a lot! Any suggestions of things I should add? I know it's not 'much' but the whole point is for me to teach how I made this so people can expand on it! Thanks for the great comment!

  • Awesome game, though their is a glitch, where if you keep restarting the game by pressing r the background music gets all messed up, though great game!

  • Fun, I am follow along in the class, is there anything there about having the character block incoming attacks? Thanks for this,

  • The effect for the combo is nice, but the description of the game should describe how to pull it :

    Press X for initial attack, then follow up with two B attacks.

    The zoom effect is really nice, would love to manage to get one like that with a smooth zoom in function in my game.

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