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farflamex Published on 28 Apr, 2015

Trade, mine and battle your way through space. Complete missions, mine minerals from asteroids, upgrade your ship and crew and defeat the enemy faction. Supply your crew with food, oxygen and water and your ship with fuel and be careful to repair any damaged compartments.


Arrow keys to move.

Left-mouse to fire.

Right-mouse to activate tractor beam.

Click the tutorial button on the right of the screen for full instructions.


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  • A excellent game, with very interesting and fun missions, and with challenging enemies!!

    One question though, how do you kill space stations?

    • Sorry, this was years ago. But in short, I think you just shoot them.... for a long long time. Upgraded lasers should do the trick I think... :)

  • love it just keep updating it

  • This is a really great game! I love the sci-fi, space adventure games and appreciate all the work that went into this!

    • Thanks, I did put a lot of work into it. It started to get a bit 'heavy' towards the end and hadn't gone entirely as planned, but I got the complexity in that I wanted. Didn't know how to market it or anything though, so it's just sat here doing nothing :(

  • Nice game man! I really like the depth of gameplay, and the range of activity is really nice too. Don't let the lack of comments get you down, this is a really solid game man. :)

  • Thanks, it's nice to have a positive comment. I put a lot of work into the game but it didn't receive much response. I think it's just a bit too complex and hard to get into, so people write it off as a poor-quality shooter. Also, it's not showing on the arcade for me, I just get a white screen.

    No updates now, I'd like to see the game get some plays but it doesn't seem very likely and I've moved onto other things :(

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