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Jonah Hill Spoderman 2: The Lost Levels

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AvacadoRanch666 Published on 4 Aug, 2020

Jonah Hill Spoderman 2: The Lost Levels

Use WASD to move

Hold SHIFT to sprint

Click to shoot web

Web can be used to grapple. Aim for the large webs scattered throughout the game

Coming into contact with an enemy will result in death

Utilize crouching, well maneuvered jumps, webs, and crawling to reach the large beverage in order to advance in level

There are 5 levels to play with many secrets to discover

Collect consumables scattered throughout the level to raise your score, gain extra lives, or perform other actions

Complete the game for special rewards

If you would like to play the first installment in this series, it can be also be found on the arcade here:


The player who earns the highest score will receive a $15 prize. The player who completes the full game with the fastest time will also receive a $15 prize. To enter the contest, please submit a screenshot or other valid proof of completion to The contest will be open until AUGUST 16, 2020. If fewer than 5 entries are received for either prize, the prize will be forfeited. Good luck and have fun!

*Please note Jonah Hill Spoderman 2: The Lost Levels is a work of satire and should be taken as such*


WASD to move

W to jump

S to crouch

Hold SHIFT to sprint

Point and click to shoot web

Version History

ID Date Size Engine Plays
2 19 Aug, 2020 at 00:03 98.36 MB Construct 2 264
1 4 Aug, 2020 at 05:42 98.36 MB Construct 2 201

Used Plugins

  • Audio
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Particles
  • Sprite
  • Text
  • TiledBg

Used Behaviours

  • Bullet
  • destroy
  • DragnDrop
  • Fade
  • jumpthru
  • LOS
  • Platform
  • scrollto
  • shadowcaster
  • Sin
  • solid
  • Timer
  • Turret

  • Order by
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    The contest has been extended/modified:

    The player who completes the full game with the fastest time will win a $25 prize. In the event multiple players complete the game, the player with the fastest completion time wins the prize. Second place will receive a $5 consolation prize. Deadline to submit an entry is AUGUST 30 2020 GOOD LUCK


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