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A jigsaw puzzle. This is the original game which inspired my jigsaw tutorials. This is the same version you can find on Amazon Appstore, Chrome app store or Firefox App store, with some minor last-minute retouches.

Start selecting the image and piece set you want to play with. Then, click on the "scramble" icon on the lower part of the screen (the one with the shape of four jigsaw pieces) to start playing.

--------------------- Update (2015/10/04)

Improved Scrolling - I hope this makes game easier, but I'm unsure.

Fixed 12x8 piece borders - Now they don't have a spurious line.

Fixed winner message - Completion time is displayed properly now.

Added button hints - They are displayed for 5 seconds on the first 7 seconds.

(I can't add "hover" hints since I want touch compatibilty). update (2015/10/17)

Added submitting scores to Scirra Leaderboard.


Quick Start Click the icon on the lower part of the starting screen.

While playing Drag the piece until you snap it with another one.

Scroll the screen by dragging a piece off-screen.

Lower screen button description, from left to right

1- Turn piece boundaries on/off

2- Turn background hint on/off

3- Rescramble puzzle

4- Options

WARNING You'll lose jigsaw progress whenever you go to the options screen.


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  • In Explorer, options menu is not working. Please use Chrome.

    (Still untested on Opera and Firefox).

    New bug detected: under dolphin/android,when you try to drag a piece you scroll the window instead.

    New bug detected - It seems I uploaded the wrong capx, because I'm finding some minor bugs I removed from the version at my website. This time the bug is a bad mask file for the 48 pieces jigsaw producing bad pieces at the borders.

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