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Hit the Thing into the Other Guy

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skjeggen Published on 23 Jul, 2015

Hit the Thing into the Other Guy.

Try and shoot the other player as much as you can without getting hit yourself!

This game requires two players.

Update: (06/08/2015): Both players now jump at the same height. New UI to keep track of deaths. New music on/off toggle button.

Update: (24/08/2015): I've added two new levels and a level select screen. (you can return to the level select screen at any time by pressing 'M'). I'm working on Online multiplayer but so far I've only got chat figured out. Hopefully I'll get it working soon!

Update: (09/09/2015): Updated all the controller support so it now (hopefully) works in all menus.

If you notice any bugs or have any comments let me know! :)

P.S. This is my first try making any kind of game and I'm still very new to Construct 2. That's my excuse if you don't like it :P



Hit the thing into the other guy.

You can reflect your enemy's shots with your shield. Careful, your shield only last for one second and has a two second cool down!

You cannot shoot when your shield is active.

If you reflect one of your own shots it will increase it's speed.

First to kill the other ten times, wins!


Player One:

'A' and 'D' to move

'W' to jump.

'Space' to shoot.

'Shift' to activate shield.

Player Two:

Arrows keys for movement

'End' to shoot.

'Delete' to activate shield.

Controller Controls:

D Pad for movement.

'A' to Jump

'Right Trigger' to shoot.

'Left Trigger' to activate shield.


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