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Work in Progress

The Gravity Machine prototype

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Vincent31415 Published on 23 Oct, 2018

The art and audio are just placeholders and will not be used in the final game.

This is a steampunk platformer with a unique mechanic that the whole game is designed around. This mechanic is your ability to raise and lower gravity at will to effect you, your enemies and the environment. Raising gravity causes everything to weigh more and lowering makes everything lighter. You must use this mechanic to defeat enemies and overcome platforming challenges.

I will be updating this prototype and posting about my progress frequently so you may want to subscribe to my Youtube thing and my Twitter thingy.

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCCuqVBv1nzgC1hfxupeaZEQ

Twitter: twitter.com/GearAntique

My itch.io page: antiquegeargames.itch.io

Email me at antiquegearstudiomhw@gmail.com if you have any questions or would just like to talk. (Or you could message me on Twitter.)

Thanks to Noteblock for allowing me to use a couple of his songs for the prototype!


Arrow keys to move. Z = lower gravity. C = raise gravity.


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  • Again, an excellent game! I'm very glad that in this game you earn more hearts along the way and have checkpoints here and there so you don't have to completely restart. I also love how this game is based soley on a bagel while its this radical steampunk adventure XD

    Nice work!!!

  • can't wait for the next one

  • [quote=MO SALAAH]

    Thanks for your twitter.

    I'll follow it everyday.

    What other projects are you going to upload?



    Mainly more prototypes of The Gravity Machine but I also plan on posting another short game that I'm working on! (^!^)

  • interesting game! I think the large levels are really nice.

  • People are trying to compete with you?

    How did Bee Escape get more than 183 votes in the same hour the game was published?



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