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HessamoddinS Published on 1 Aug, 2015

A simple and fun game for your free time

Gerdi is a game that you should try to get points by collecting the balls (gerdis!) that match the color of the background and avoid the balls with opposite colors.

You can download the game on Google Play


You just need to use the mouse

(If you are on mobile your fingers :D)


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  • Awesome! Fun little game :)

  • I'm so going to work my butt off trying to get #1 haha

  • Jesus christ! Hard, but I like it! Really awesome game! At first I didn't understand it and when I finally learned how to play, such a simple looking game blew my mind. xD I could play this for hours. Add more to it, like maybe changing colors or something. That'd make it a bit more interesting. Maybe powerups, bombs, you know the typical stuff, would be cool too.

  • Nice Work Hessam that was awesome!!!

    also he's my cousin

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