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Firebase Plugins BASIC for C3 DEMO

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Sparsha Published on 27 Feb, 2021

Facebook and Google Auth and any Popup is blocked by Construct Arcade.

Try the Demo from here instead ->

Version History

ID Date Size Engine Plays
4 19 Jul, 2021 at 05:44 416.97 KB Construct 3 306
3 19 Jul, 2021 at 05:39 416.97 KB Construct 3 0
2 30 Mar, 2021 at 17:55 405.95 KB Construct 3 82
1 27 Feb, 2021 at 20:51 405.11 KB Construct 3 76

Used Plugins

  • Browser
  • Button
  • Date
  • filechooser
  • Sparsha_copyclip
  • Sparsha_FirebaseAuth
  • Sparsha_FirebaseFriends
  • Sparsha_FirebaseRealtimeDatabase
  • Sparsha_FirebaseSDK
  • Sparsha_FirebaseStorageSD
  • Sparsha_Ipregistry
  • Sprite
  • Text
  • TextBox
  • Touch

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  • I make already construct 2 with rex_firevase. But rex not support c3. your basic pack is can my quest?

  • hi Sparsha

    I need your Firebase Plugins.

    I make realtime wheel. everyday, 1st : 3 / 2nd : 3 / 3rd : 5 person

    So I need check realtime (count person 1st, 2nd, 3rd) If each rank is full, I don't want to win any more

  • I mean, when I get the score in the game, it will save automatic, so you can not cheat with score.

    Is that possible with Firebase PlugIn Basic

  • Hi Sparsha, With this Firebase Plugins. Can the LEADERBOARD score, save automatic. If the user is LogIn.

    In ths Firebase Plugins, are their Sparsha_FirebaseAuth, leaderboard and API

    • Yes. It is easy to save leaderboard scores. You can save scores for users if logged in, and even if they are logged out.

      Also Demos and Examples are included in the purchase.

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Basic Plugins for Firebase Authentication, Realtime-Database, Firestore, Cloud Storage

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