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Fire Emblem - Arrow Defender

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Mig64 Published on 4 Apr, 2016

A simple side-view shooter where you're an archer that needs to shoot down hordes of wyverns, some dracoknights while trying to avoid any Goddess Dragons while trying to get the highest score possible.

Aside from being able to become part of the leaderboard, if you score high enough, you can unlock up to six new backgrounds so you're not stuck in the same village forever. The control instructions are ingame.



Up arrow Down arrow Move

Space bar Fire

B Return to main menu


Double Attack: This one allows you to fire your arrows twice as fast for 6 seconds.

Knight Crest: Although your character is an archer, he can promote to a General with this Knight Crest, unlike any archer in the original game series. During this time, the player cannot be killed and enemies will die upon colliding with them, granting them half the points they would upon death. After 10 seconds, you'll revert back to an archer.

Ballista: Evokes three rains of large arrows across the entire battlefield, can only be activated if the player shoots it with an arrow.


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