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EURGAVA - Fight for Haaria DEMO

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BaskaraEurgava Published on 7 Sep, 2016

Eurgava - Fight for Haaria, a 2016 game by Ibrahim Indra Baskara


Full version available :


"The chieftain of your village is gone, and you are to fill the role as his substitute. Under attack by the raiders, your village is a mess, with only few villagers ready to fight back. Retaliate, and take back what the raiders have taken from us."

Developer's words :

Due to this game being a demo and the game size limitation of Scirra Arcade, this game will only show roughly 40% of its entire features, mainly for gathering feedbacks based on its gameplay and vote in my Steam Greenlight entry.



* LEFT CLICK 1x / 2x -- at the INDICATOR under enemy sprites to guard from one enemy

* RIGHT CLICK SPAM -- at the BUTTON near enemy sprites to attack one enemy

* Hotkey 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -- to use ITEMS when available

* Hotkey Q, W, E, R, T, Y -- to use BATTLE AIDS when available


* Manage 3 kinds of resource to rebuild your village

* Tend your villagers when they get WOUNDED or POISONED

* (Updated 27 Sep) WOUNDED characters will depart for combat with 1 HP

* (Updated 27 Sep) POISONED characters can now depart for combat until the first boss


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  • Played the demo here a dozen times and more for the sake of bug-testing, and :

    1. Too often, the BGM stops playing mid-combat

    2. After one departure and returning to the village, pretty much all BGMs stop midway

    While thankfully, these issues only happen in this demo version Scirra Arcade. I take it this happens to everyone playing here. So I am currently fixing them. Hopefully the problems will be solved in the next update.

  • Good game.

    Play mine and leave your points too ...

  • Couldn't really figure out combat and got wasted

  • The full version is finally released, People! Check this link :


    There will be lots of change. UI, area tiles, new enemies, new items, more unlockables, etc.

  • had trouble with the combat. never got a hit off. I tried 2 characters. look like a lot of effort went into the game tho.

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