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The Echo

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Nxs Published on 18 May, 2016

How can you complete a game when you can't see?

simple, with an echo!

This is my second game, which is based of a single rule. You can't see the level directly.

in order to complete the levels, you have to send short pulses out from your character (which is then recorded to see how many pulses you can do to finish all levels) that will temporarily show walls in your way, dangerous traps, and even moving platforms.

I cant believe I've gotten 80 plays on my second game. As I promised, I have created more levels. I was going for 16 levels but the code cap made me stop at 15 but at least its a decent number to stop on! XD


W or ^ : to move up

S or v : to move down

A or < : to move left

D or > : to move right

Space Bar : to send an 'echo'


- any blue particles represent something that is interactive, like a Switch or a Power-Up

- any red particles represent a trap that will restart the level if you hit them!

- if any echo particles hit a moving platform, they will stick to it for a limited amount of time, showing you how big and how fast it is going!


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    This game is great! It has LOTS of potential!


    thank you so much! in the description I said if I get 25 plays I will make more levels. and since its past 30 now, I plan on making at least 8 more levels, but im thinking I might have about 24-25 levels, along with some new game mechanics!

    if anyone has ideas for things I can implement be sure to tell me! =D

  • This game is great! It has LOTS of potential!

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