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Dungeon Generator

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mrtumbles Published on 10 Oct, 2015

Complete template available on the Scirra Store!



Perfect for generating dungeons for roguelikes, Metroidvania platformer levels, twin-stick shooter arenas or Zelda-like adventures. Levels that take seconds to generate - and hours to navigate!

All rooms can be reached from all other rooms using only one path. Rooms may be multiple sizes and shapes, can be grouped by their progression along a path from a fixed point to set objectives, and can also be zoned separately. Play around with the settings in the limited demo above to see the wide variety of different levels this generator can output!


Bug fixed: renderer now renders all cells.

Streets: are now tidier, and more complex.


Use the on-screen dialog to generate a dungeon according to your parameters. As this is a demo of an asset on the Scirra store, there is no 're-generate' button - refresh the page to try making a new dungeon.


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  • [quote=Joeriri]Amazing job![/quote]

    Thanks brother! I've just updated with loads more functionality, and more to come! I'm awaiting approval to sell it as an asset in the Scirra store, since it would be so useful to so many folks - and I've added a retry button :P

  • [quote=Laughing14]Hats off to you![/quote]

    Keep your hat on - winter is coming! Thanks though - working on streets now, should be up within the next few days!

  • This is really cool. I love randomly generated board, dungeons etc. So the game stay fresh. Superb job. I will look to use this in some future game. Hats off to you!

  • This is the best dungeon generator I've ever seen! Amazing job!

  • [quote=mrtumbles]level-generator-toolkit[/quote]

    Thanks, this is awesome!

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