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Jikaz Published on 19 Feb, 2017


These are not the final graphics and effects. Our goal is to create a game that is simple and incredibly adorable. We would appreciate feedback to improve the gameplay and to add more cuteness to it!

- Endless running game.

- Collect coins to unlock outfits and travel to different cities.

- Jump to avoid obstacles (thrash can, cabbage, cone).

- Grab the food for a little boost. (It's a placeholder cheese for now. Will be using different foods for each cities.)

We hope you like the Corgi dressing up and jumping about. Please let us know your thoughts, thank you! :)


Tap/Click to jump.

Hold down to jump higher.


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  • Not sure why but... I LOVE THIS GAME! It helps me pass so much time at work lol. Nice job!

  • It has a corgi samurai, it simply cant be bad! I despise runners for what they did with mobile games market, but yours is quite well made 5 bones out of 5.

  • Even for an auto-runner, I feel like the game is waaayyy to easy right now... The only way you die is if you get the "power-up" and accidentally kill yourself with it (since it just crashes you into an obstacle really fast or drops you right on top of one when it finishes; not really much of a power-up, then?)

    Visually though it does look pretty polished for what it is

    And functionally, everything seems to work as intended which is good :D

    It's just really hard to work with since the idea is so simple; you're not really giving yourself much room to work with as far as adding any kind of depth

  • I'm satisfied with the characters and the levels. However, i think the dog's reaction time is a bit slow. It would also be great if you added a function like when the powerup is activated, it can 'break' or go through obstacles, also like ryogo has said, it would be great to add a function where after the powerup, you won't automatically jump back into the stage where you might just land on the obstacle. Otherwise an adorable game, waiting for the next update!

  • Nice, cute and very polished game! The game's a bit too easy though, and more variety between the cities would be nice. The only thing that's dangerous is the actual power-up because you cannot predict whether or not you'll be dropped right into an obstacle without having any possibility of dodging it.

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