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Dialog Box XML System

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For further discussion/help about the implementation itself prefer using this forum thread.

Please keep the comments on the arcade about the uploaded version itself, not to ask help.


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  • Much appreciation. Look forward to digging into this.

  • Awesome Job and just want to say thanks for generosity in sharing your knowledge wit hall of us.

  • Great Work :)

  • Now is not working if i want to copy past it into my Construct 3 game, something wrong with "Function"

    • In this project "Function" is the deprecated Function plugin.

      In Construct 3 you need to use the new Functions (https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/manuals/construct-3/project-primitives/events/functions).

      I'm currently working on a new dialog system using JSON and made in Construct 3.

      I'll update here as soon as it is available.

      For now, you cannot just copy/paste from C2 to C3.

      Although, you should be able to open the capx in C3 and execute/modify the project.

      You can then adapt it using the functions feature.

      • I'm starting to play around with this, would it be worthwhile waiting for your JSON update?

        • It will be weeks for this project to be completed.

          For now you do have this example that works, and getting to grips with it will "train" you on the abstract thinking level, so it wouldn't be wasted time anyway.

          • You were correct, it definitely was not wasted time! I've built off your system and used your notes to expand it into a system allowing for multiple discussions to be parsed using the dialogue system. I'm pretty new to programming in general, here's what I've managed to come up with so far!


            I'm very appreciative of you for the skeleton and advice on how to push this project further, I think it's going to be able to do (with some very minor modifications) what I'm looking for in my game.

  • smallrobot: Not really. You can always keep a count of the number of letters you have displayed so far in the current line in the Text object. Multiply this number by the font's width and compare it to the Text.width.

    It's not optimal, but could be another workaround. I think actually handling it from the file could be fine, but make sure to check your game on various resolutions to make sure the text keeps a correct formatting.

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