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Derpy Pirates

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Blastweaver Published on 7 Aug, 2020

You play as the crew of the mighty vessel known as the Tweedly Dee. Get to the edge of the map! SET SAIL, LANDLUBBERS!


There are five crew members: Cap'n (Blue), Gunman (Black and happy), Ace (Black with red eyes), First Mate (Dark red), and the Navigator (Grey).

WASD to move, click to swap to make a new one active, making all previously active ones inactive.

If Cap'n is not active, the ship will slowly sink. Don't let that happen!

If gunman is active, he can sit on the cannon and right click to fire it towards the nearest parrot, or towards the mouse if Ace is not sitting on the cannon.

Ace will move to fire the cannon if Cap'n is active, but you can make him active and he will be able to fire like the Gunman, unless too many of the crew have died.

First Mate will make the ship sink slower if he's active.

Navigator will make the ship move faster.

Used Plugins

  • Button
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Particles
  • progressbar
  • Sprite
  • Text

Used Behaviours

  • Anchor
  • Bullet
  • destroy
  • Fade
  • Physics
  • Pin
  • Platform
  • Rotate
  • scrollto
  • solid
  • Timer

  • Order by
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