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Peedelboi Published on 11 Apr, 2019

First Game I tried making with some understanding of constructs capabilities. A Platform Fighter starring my old prototype characters from way back when. catch is there are no basic attacks, instead we have all special moves.


WASD - Player 1 Movement.

LClick - Player 1 Attack 1

RClick - Player 1 Attack 2

Space - Player 1 Jump

Q - Player 1 Dodge

E - Player 1 Grab

A - Change Costume P1

D - Change Costume P1

(Controller Needed for Player 2)

Dpad - Player 2 Movement

A - Player 2 Attack 1

B - Player 2 Attack 2

Y - Player 2 Jump

LT - Player 2 Grab/Change Costume P2

RT - Player 2 Dodge/Change Costume P2


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  • [quote=bananaman502]

    it dont work for me


    you need a controller plugged into the computer (i.e. a ps4 controller) to play local, as ai is taking a long time to implement

  • it dont work for me

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