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OPTATE823 Published on 18 Sep, 2015

Artificial Intelligence Simulation

Metaphysical = Hard wired Personality {philosophical physics}

Epoch = Einstein's Tech Relativity theory {equations included :}


SHIFT = Spaceship forward

Arrows = Spaceship Controls

CTRL = Spaceship Backwards


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  • odigitalart.com

    new version of game

  • hwdd ghwedv

  • So this is the way it is..

    Custom personality input, words seperated by commas in your own language or slang

    Parser for reading texts, like copied from wikipedia.

    number input field for expanding the "BRAIN" of your AI depending on your processing power..

    Its exponential so be careful

    Spaceship duh..

    Also 2d biosystem, with a sorta bio-algorithm thing :}

    What else... Basically it gets smarter the longer it runs and the more people online! there are no

    pre programmed responses. Its all on the fly. As the bleeding edge.


    Search "OPTATE" in google for soundtrack

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