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Work in Progress

The Blocking Dead (Beta)

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bpetersen Published on 19 Dec, 2016

Early Beta! Go around finding power-ups to destroy Block Zombies. Stay alive as long as you can! Top Down Zombie Shoot-Em-Up

tip from the creator: your final score is impacted heavily by your accuracy. Final score is ((zombie count + power-ups picked up + seconds survived + boss count (x 100 for each boss)) * accuracy) It is possible to get over 100% accuracy as enemies on fire can start other enemies on fire when they are close enough.


A go left

D go right

S go down

W go up

move mouse to move flashlight

right click to cycle through weapons as you collect them

left click to fire selected weapon


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  • Nice game. But some little bug to patch :

    - Zombie moves strangly when near wall (maybe try using pathfinding when hasn't LOS on you (when they are less than 1000 pixel from you for prevent lag))

    -Shadows caster casts several shadow for each bricks, not very important

    -Something to change is that the bug of the wall work with two near zombie and that "boost themself " , making them tp forward and "sprinting" . That surprised me the first game.

    -Maybe increase the supply spawn because i was always running out of bullet

  • Full Auto Pistol : Click and hold with you pistol equipped then while holding down mouse drag mouse off game screen (cant be full or wide screen) then drag courser back on screen and let go = full auto pistol

  • Put a LeaderBoard. Nice game!.-

  • Got the ammo notification problem fixed! Also I added another special power-up. When it arrives on the screen it's a snowflake. It freezes all zombies into icecubes for 20 seconds. During that time you can run into them or use one bullet to destroy them.

    Some more updates. More power-ups, getting a menu system put together, etc...

  • I love it! Very addicting game. Maybe start out with a single weapon and use coins/gems to buy upgrades. I love the overall look of the game too. I can see this becoming a real gem in the Construct library.

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